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Osteopathy Sessions

$ 120

Osteopathy Sessions

$ 120

"Anyone can find a disease. An osteopath must seek health."

Andrew Taylor Still, founder of osteopathy.

In the modern view, osteopathy is a scientifically recognized based system of diagnosis and treatment that focuses on the structural and functional integrity of the body and recognizes the body’s ability to heal itself.

From an osteopathic point of view, every structure of our body has two characteristics – mobility (freedom of movement relative to the surrounding structures) and motility (subtle micromovements, the so-called rhythm). If freedom of movement and rhythm are preserved, we can talk about health. Violation of the rhythm leads to a state of ill health. And if the state of ill health persists long enough, then we can talk about the development of the disease.

An osteopath, possesses deep knowledge of anatomy and physiology, with the help of gentle manual techniques builds such relationships between organs and tissues in the patient’s body that lead to the mobilization of body resources – and the patient’s body is already actively involved in work, restoring balance and harmonious functioning.

There are 4 basic principles of osteopathy, of which each specialist is guided by in his work:

  •  The human body is a unity of body, mind and spirit – in fact, this is a return to the origins of medicine, when it was customary to treat “not a disease, but a patient”.
  • Structure and function are interrelated – if the structure is broken, the function will suffer, but the opposite is also true.
  • Artery is primary – meaning the free flow of fluid in the body, and under the fluid Still understood both blood – arterial and venous, and lymphatic fluid, and a nerve impulse as a fluid. The task of the doctor is to find the obstacle in the path of the liquid and remove it so that, in Still’s words, “the dried up fields,” that is, tissues, are irrigated.
  • The body has endless possibilities for self-healing – and the doctor’s task is to create such conditions so that these possibilities can fully manifest themselves.

 List of main indications for women:

  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system
  •  pain syndrome of various origins
  • recovery from injuries, incl. generic, TBI
  •  posture disorders, flat feet, foot deformities
  •  recovery after surgery
  •  pregnancy planning and preparation for childbirth
  •  loss of energy, chronic fatigue, insomnia
  •  certain gynecological conditions: algodismenorrhea, adnexitis, uterine fibroids, dyspareunia, in some cases – infertility
  • pain in the lumbar and lumbosacral spine, pain in the sacrum and coccyx, including those of traumatic origin
  • sciatica
  •  previous surgical interventions, incl. caesarean section

Hi everyone. My name is Dasha. I am LMT (licensed massage therapist), CIMT (certified infant massage teacher), CLMT (certified pediatric massage therapist), also certified in prenatal and postnatal massages and infant massages. I speak fluently in Russian and English.

Since the beginning, I have always wanted to help new parents and finally I’ve found a great way. I created a 3 hour course where I teach you how to give massages to your kids with your own hands! In this course you will learn how to improve your baby’s health with massage in the safest way. I will teach you simple techniques so that you can learn to do the best job to support their health. Massage affects all systems of the human body: skeletal (reduces muscle tension and increases nutrient flow to bones), muscular (increases the flow of blood and nutrients to muscles, can increase or decrease muscle tone which helps with hypertonia or hypotonia), digestive (may relieve constipation /gas), respiratory by improving breathing pattern, and the nervous by relaxing and calming the baby.

Massage is one of the absolute best ways to connect with your baby, and enjoy a beautiful bonding experience together. Please join me to spread the love to all the kids around the world and show them what massage can do! Your baby’s health is in your own hands!

Daria Baranovskaya

Massage therapist