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Birth Tub Rental

starts from $350

Birth Tub Rental

starts from $350

Birth tub rental service:

MotheRetreat offers Birth tub rentals to both clients and non clients, to provide them with all they need for relaxing hydrotherapy during birth. Birth pools can be a wonderful and practical way to have a water birth, or a great addition to your comfort measures in labor. Our team will bring all of the supplies to the birthing place of choice, whether the hospital or home, and is in charge of setting everything up during labor, and breaking it down afterwards.

Some of the benefits to using
a birth tub include:

  • Facilitates mobility and enables the birthing person to assume any position which is comfortable for labor and birth
  • Speeds up labor
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Gives the birthing person more feelings of control
  • Provides significant pain relief
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Conserves their energy
  • Reduces the need for drugs and interventions
  • Gives the laboring person a private protected space
  • Reduces perineal trauma and eliminates episiotomies
  • Reduces cesarean section rates
  • Is highly rated by those who have water birth – typically stating they would consider giving birth in water again
  • Is highly rated by experienced providers
  • Encourages an easier birth for the birthing person and a gentler welcome for baby”

Emily is a mother of two and has lived on the Treasure Coast for over 17 years. She is certified as a Labor and Postpartum Doula through ProDoula. She has a passion for Doula work and the families she serves.

As your Doula, Emily will support you in your choices, along with providing knowledgeable advice, giving you peace of mind and comfort during your labor and postpartum care. Empowerment, love, care, connection, and understanding are the pillars that Emily stands on in her everyday life, bringing those same morals into the care she provides her clients.

Everyone deserves support, a good birth, and experience a happy and healthy transition during the postpartum period. Emily hopes to be that support system, offering clients a high level of care that is unique and special to them and their families


Birth & Postpartum Doula