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Belly Binding

$ 120

Belly Binding

$ 120

What is Belly Binding?

Belly binding is a traditional way to wrap the mother’s stomach after birth using a long cloth. This is different from the modern belly binds sold in stores, as it covers a larger area of the abdomen, and is tied in a special way to create a snug fit in all of the right places. Belly binding with a rebozo or cloth can be seen in many different cultures around the world from Malaysia to Mexico. It is a sacred tradition that is passed on from women to women during the postpartum healing period to ensure a rapid and healthy recovery. 

Why do belly binding?

  • It helps to slim the ribcage, belly and hips.
  • Pulls in the separated abdominal muscles (diastasis recti) back together.
  • Prevents back pain. While wearing it, you are reminded to sit and walk straight, a good antidote to the “nursing-slouch”.
  • Decreases postpartum bleeding time by speeding up the process of getting rid of waste blood in a natural way.
  • Helps to get the uterus and other organs back in their original place
  • Can feel comforting for the new mother as her body is left very open from birth
  • It’s an ancient traditional natural way of healing after birth.

Emily is a mother of two and has lived on the Treasure Coast for over 17 years. She is certified as a Labor and Postpartum Doula through ProDoula. She has a passion for Doula work and the families she serves.

As your Doula, Emily will support you in your choices, along with providing knowledgeable advice, giving you peace of mind and comfort during your labor and postpartum care. Empowerment, love, care, connection, and understanding are the pillars that Emily stands on in her everyday life, bringing those same morals into the care she provides her clients.

Everyone deserves support, a good birth, and experience a happy and healthy transition during the postpartum period. Emily hopes to be that support system, offering clients a high level of care that is unique and special to them and their families


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